Aviators Giveaway FAQ


How do I get a referral?
Sign up on aviators.hipsterkid.com with your preferred email address. On the thank-you page, share your personal link with friends! Once they sign up using a unique email address, you’ll get a referral.

Note: duplicate IP addresses are filtered out. Make sure your friends sign up from their own separate device!

What qualifies as a fraudulent referral?
Fraudulent referrals are filtered out by a number of factors including duplicate IP addresses, fake email addresses, bounced emails, referrals that come from coupon or deal sites, referrals that opt out of email notifications, and more.

My friend signed up but my referral count didn’t go up. What happened?
Our system can take up to a day to update your referral count. Be patient, and if your count still hasn’t gone up, feel free to reach out to us at hipsterkid@fctry.com.

How can I check how many referrals I have?
You'll get notified every time you reach a new reward tier, but you can check your referral count here. Just make sure you're on the same device and browser you used when you signed up. Otherwise, reach out to our team at hipsterkid@fctry.com. 

How can I check which reward I have qualified for?
Take a look at your referral counter and refer to the infographic at the top of the thank you page — your reward corresponds with how many referrals you’ve gotten! More referrals = a sweeter prize.


What are the reward tiers?
One referral: 10% off
5 referrals: 25% off
15 referrals: 1 free pair of Aviators Classics
25 referrals: 1 free pair of premium Aviators GOLDs

Note: rewards are not cumulative.

I never got my reward from the last campaign! Help!
Not to worry — if you qualified for a reward from a previous referral campaign and you lost it, never received it, or have other questions, just email us at hipsterkid@fctry.com.

How do the rewards work?
You can only collect the highest tier you hit, so every time you hit a new reward tier, your previous reward will be voided. The reward tiers are not cumulative. We’ll be emailing out final rewards as personalized redemption codes at the end of the campaign, on or after September 10, 2018.

Are they cumulative?
Rewards are not cumulative. Each time you reach a new reward tier, your previously earned reward will be invalid.

How can I redeem my reward?
At the end of the campaign, rewards will be sent as personal coupon codes which you can redeem on Hipsterkid.com. Fill your cart with qualifying items, and input the code at checkout. Your code is custom to you and the highest reward you achieved, so choose wisely! You can only use it once.

When do they expire?
Reward codes expire on 6/30/2019.

What products can I use my code on?
If you qualify for 10% or 25% off your purchase, go wild! This discount applies to anything available on Hipsterkid.com. If you qualify for a free pair of Aviators Classics, your code will only work on the Classics colorways. If you qualify for a free pair of Aviators GOLDS, your code will only work on GOLDS colorways.

Where can I redeem my reward?
Reward codes are eligible for use on Hipsterkid.com only. Reward codes are not valid on FCTRY.com, Unicornsnot.com, or third-party retail sites.

What if I want to give my reward away to someone else?
Rewards are assigned by email address, so your code will only work with your account.

If I lost the email with my reward code, how can I redeem it?
Send us an email at hipsterkid@fctry.com; we’re here to help you!


Why do I have to pay for shipping?
We’re really excited for your little one to get their Aviators, but we’re not currently able to cover shipping for all reward recipients. We hope to be able to for future campaigns!

How are they shipped? How long will it take?
Domestic orders from Hipsterkid.com are shipped via USPS, which takes about 3-5 business days. Orders also take 1-2 business days for processing. International orders from Hipsterkid.com are shipped via FedEx Economy, which takes about 5-7 business days.

Do you ship outside the US?
We do ship outside the US, but shipping and customs fees must be covered by the customer. International orders from Hipsterkid.com are shipped via FedEx, which takes about 5-7 business days. Orders also take 1-2 business days for processing.

Is there a way for me to get free shipping?
Orders over $25 (after coupons and promotions are entered) qualify for free shipping.

Can I return the glasses if they don’t fit?
Yes! You’re covered for 30 days as long as all the original packaging is included. See how returns work here.


What exactly is the Hipsterkid Guarantee?
Life is messy. The Hipsterkid Guarantee is here to make your life a little easier. We have a limited warranty on all Hipsterkid products if they get broken, or lost.. Check out this page for more information.

How long does the guarantee apply to my glasses for?
All registered Hipsterkid glasses are guaranteed for one year from the purchase date. Register your product here.

How can I collect on the Guarantee?
Email hipsterkid@fctry.com with your name, email address, and the product you are redeeming so the Hipsterkid team can reference your registration and send you a coupon code for a new pair of glasses. You will just have to pay for shipping.

Can I exchange my glasses for a different style or color later on using my guarantee registration?
We totally understand changing up your look, but the Guarantee will only cover the exact item you initially purchased, down to the style, color, and size. If you are within 30 days of purchase, you can certainly make a return and repurchase. See how returns work here.

Can I exchange my glasses for a different size?
Yes — but the standard Guarantee process won’t work for this, so send us an email to hipsterkid@fctry.com and we can walk you through this or you can see how returns work here.

How do I register for the Guarantee?
Hang on to your product packaging and order information when you receive your items. You’ll need your order number and item UPC code(s) to register your new stuff!

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
*Users are required to pay full shipping cost for any and all product sent. Users may only collect highest reward level earned. Designated reward level may only be redeemed once per user on hipsterkid.com and must be redeemed by 6/30/2019. Reward levels are not cumulative. Duplicate referrals, fraudulent referrals, or attempts to collect duplicate rewards will result in disqualification from all referral rewards. Reward items earned will be processed at the time of product launch. Rewards are non-transferable. No cash redemption or substitution will be allowed. Please allow at least 12 weeks for reward processing and shipping.